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One Year to Go


One year from today, Easter Sunday, 27 March 2016, Francine and I intend to board an airplane and set out on our second Camino. Because next year is a leap-year, that’s 366 days from today.

Yesterday, I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my Baptism. A year from today, Easter will fall on exactly the same day that it did back in 2005, the last time it will fall on that date for at least the next hundred years.

So that seems auspicious.

Already, we’ve begun the hunt for new, lighter and more efficient equipment. I’ve got my new Aarn body pack, which is absolutely fantastic, and Francine has purchased a new smaller pack as well.

The Clymb is our friend.

Training is slowly coming together, and I suspect we will formalize it in the weeks after Easter. Now we just need to save up the money! In the past year or two, we’ve had to lay out for a new furnace and a new stove, so the coffers are a great deal thinner than I’d like.

Still, we will figure out a way.

That reminds me… I need to renew my passport. Perhaps I the time has come to start making lists.

Originally published at Another Pilgrim on the Way

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27th Mar, 2015 16:46 (UTC)
new gear
One of these years I'm hoping to get some new gear, I have a backpack that's about 35 years old and it was great then but sucks compared to anything modern.

I keep thinking about getting a passport, one of these days maybe, but then I would have to go travel.

Being broke completely sucks! And I can very much relate to that!

So have you found your gloves yet ;)

27th Mar, 2015 16:56 (UTC)
Re: new gear
Nope. Not yet. They're out there somewhere, probably in the pocket of a jacket.

I'm amazed at the modern packs. They weigh almost nothing, but they're strong and can carry a ton of stuff comfortably.

Edited at 2015-03-27 16:57 (UTC)
( 2 Oratia — Sermo volo )