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Mapping the Camino


It’s a truism that one doesn’t need a map to walk the Camino. After all, there’s a yellow arrow painted or printed or engraved somewhere every twenty yards or so. If you haven’t seen one in a while, you’ve probably wandered off the right path.

Having said that, I like maps. I especially like maps that represent terrain, distances, and directions.

I absolutely love Camino maps that tell me the distance between each village by every possible route, and the amenities located in each village, town, and city.

And throw in random cultural and historical notes? Absolute gold. No guide book required.

In short, I love this map:


It was absolutely invaluable. I talked about it in a number of blog posts from the Camino here and here, for example.

Sadly, I no longer have it. I’m pretty sure I gave it or loaned it to somebody with the idea that they would need it before I would, and that I could just purchase the new edition when it came out.

On my lunch today, I went by the site of the publisher, Pili Pala Press. Imagine my disappointment to discover this:

sad map

I’m fairly certain that my agonized, wailing scream could be heard as far away as Arzúa.

Needless to say, in my desperation, I’ve e-mailed the publisher:


In 2013, my wife and I walked the Camino Frances with one of your amazing Camino map booklets. We had researched any number of maps, and yours was by far and away the best. Just knowing which towns and villages had which amenities allowed us to plan our days.

Sadly, that map is now gone.

My wife and I are now planning our second Camino for 2016. I immediately came to your site to purchase another (perhaps updated?) copy. I was devastated to discover that you were no longer selling them.

I’m writing now to beg. Surely there is at least one copy left somewhere that I could purchase? Did you check behind the sofa? Under the refrigerator?

Please help me!



Let’s see how they respond.

Meanwhile, 395 days to go.


Arcadia Est Imperare Orbi Universo


( 4 Oratia — Sermo volo )
26th Feb, 2015 04:42 (UTC)
I love maps, probably not as much as you! But nonetheless I lime a map whether it be fantasy or not. Especially maps that are roads through mountains or hiking trails.

Have you tried looking on ebay for one?
26th Feb, 2015 16:18 (UTC)
Re: maps
Nothing on eBay, but Amazon has them for about $300 each. I assume this one of those algorithm faults you hear about where bars of discontinued soap end up costing ten thousand dollars.
26th Feb, 2015 20:16 (UTC)
Re: maps
Well I guess you will just have to hope they can find one for you. Otherwise your just going to have to make your own ;)
27th Mar, 2015 16:28 (UTC)
Re: maps
While I was cleaning up the giant pile of mess I sometimes call "my office", I found my old map!

It's not in great shape, but if I can't get a new one, this one will certainly work.

Now if I could just figure out where I put my gloves...
( 4 Oratia — Sermo volo )