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450 Days

450 Days to Go

There’s a countdown app on my phone, silently counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until we leave for our second Camino.

In this new year, we have a lot to do to get ready.

Last week we tried out my new backpack bodypack, an Aarn. It was absolutely brilliant. Even fully laden, it was so light you could hardly believe it. The walk, just our usual 3.5 km around Snake Lake, did however convince me that I am badly out of shape.

Since it’s new year’s day, it looks like it’s time for some resolutions.

Resolutions. Everybody makes them, and most of them don’t last past the middle of January.

Given that we have but 450 days before we walk the Camino again in the spring of 2016, and given my impressive number of bad habits, here are my resolutions as they currently stand:

  1. Spanish. Learn some.

  2. Do more of the following: walk, pray, read, laugh, love.

  3. Finish writing one of the books I’m working on. In fact, just write more. And publish.

We’ll see how that goes.

Originally published at Another Pilgrim on the Way


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